REsearch, Biodiversity, Well-BEing, Leisure

REBBEL is a network of researchers, artists and socio-professional actors who work on the relationships between biodiversity, health and well-being through outdoor leisure. REBBEL is the result of their desire to address the climate emergency and mobilise some collective intelligence to be a part of social change.

Researchers come from several fields of expertise, in both life science, social sciences and humanities, which allow them to shape a holistic approach around the same research object. The scientific and artistic approaches complement one another in order to understand the rational, itemised dimension, as well as the sensitive and subjective aspect of the relationship to reality.

Initiated by French researchers, the REBBEL network acts at the European and international level to liaise with stakeholders working on the relationships between biodiversity, health and well-being.

Its initiatives are based on several goals :
Strengthening the links between research and training initiatives
Collaborating with socio-economic participants
Bringing together experts from different fields and disciplines
Producing new scientific data
Identifying the current actions
Spreading scientific knowledge
Transdisciplinary research for a better understanding of the interrelationships between humans and ecosystems

Partner institutions

With the support of the region Bourgogne Franche-Comté